I set up DevPixi as a means for me to earn a living whilst raising my kids. In 2009 my daughter was born followed by my son in 2011, and the business grew, as they did. I brought together all the things I loved in my work so there was a strong emphasis on visual design in all my projects.

I’d regularly switch from designing a website in Photoshop to writing code for an Arduino to analysing search engine marketing data in order to plan the next phase of an SEO strategy for a client.

In 2016 though I was offered a great opportunity to contract full time for a client and build a mobile app for Waitrose, and that led to several more contracts, including an 18 month period working at BMW UK Headquarters working as part of the International dealership sales system development team.

In 2020 I took an offer of a permanent position and work as a software consultant for large well known companies, developing mobile apps and websites.

A bit more background

I love all things design and technology. I got a 1st class BSc in Industrial Design from Brunel University back in 1999 and specialised in writing software for the PIC microchip during my final year. Graduating at the end of the ‘dotcom bubble’ I got my first job building websites using simple HTML, learning Classic ASP and SQL soon after which enabled me to start developing database driven systems. In 2001/2002 I learnt to write in Visual Basic.net for the, then new, Microsoft .net framework.

In 2003 I travelled solo overland up the West coast of Australia from Perth travelling North to Broome and Darwin, across the Northern Territory, then down the East coast ending up in Sydney for Christmas 2003. I needed an adventure that I couldn’t repeat in England so I travelled to Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, where I worked for OzSail as a ‘hosty’ for 7 months, living and working aboard 9 days out of 14 cooking for, and looking after, the passengers. It more than lived up to my expectations and was a wrench to leave to continue my travels through Fiji, ending with a couple of brief stops in the USA. It had been an amazing year that left me with a collection of unforgettable memories, enduring friendships and life lessons I couldn’t have learnt doing anything else.

Back in the UK I threw myself into software development, taking a Microsoft C# exam and starting life as a contract software developer, which I loved. Needing a change of pace to raise my kids I set up my business, and have in recent years developed my skills as a Xamarin Developer, building cross platform apps for Android and iOS using Xamarin Forms.

I am always looking for new challenges so please do drop me a line if you think we should talk.